npm ERR! Missing script : “start” | but start script is present in package.json | solved in React

In the condition , When start script is not present in “package.json” file than you can put it like –

scripts": {
    "start": "react-scripts start",

If the start script is already present , than in that condition , you have to verify your path in the terminal , to verify the path give the command –


Then see , wheather package.json or script file is present on the path or not.

If start script file is not present on the path , than change the path to where start script file is present , your error will be solved like –

Here , as you cans see below, in this flip folder , package.json(start script file) is not present , only flip folder is present :

So , expand & see , where package.json file is present , be in that folder like , as you can see below , package.json file is present inside flip folder which is present inside other flip folder, so give that location in terminal –

After going on right location , you can run “npm start” command , it will go without error like –

Your Error is Solved now ! , Thank You for reading .