laravel: command not found in ubuntu or linux OS or mac OS | SOLVED | Easy

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Error Description

This error comes while trying to create a new project in Laravel with Command –

laravel new project_name

This error looks like in terminal like –


To solve this error , We have to edit ‘.bashrc’ file , to find ‘.bashrc’ file go to “Other Locations” like –

Than go to Computer -> home , like –

Then go to Ubuntu/name_of_your_OS , here my name of OS is “ujjwal” , so i will go inside it , appears like –

Here ‘.bashrc’ file is present , which is hidden , to see ‘bashrc’ file press “ctr+h” , it appears like –

Now , right click here & open terminal here , it will appear like –

Now to open & edit ‘bashrc’ file , give command –

sudo nano .bashrc

It will open , .bashrc file to edit like –

Now, go to the bottom & add below line in the file –

export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.config/composer/vendor/bin"

It appear like –

Now to save file press “ctr+ x ” ->y->enter.

Congratulations now your error is solved , try once to see like –

Thank You for reading !